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National Information Processing Institute

European Funds –
The Innovative Economy Operational Programme

About the Programme

The main goal of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme is to develop the Polish economy with innovative enterprises as its backbone. This will be achieved through the implementation of the following objectives:

  • to make enterprises more innovative,
  • to improve the competitiveness of Polish science,
  • to strengthen the role of science in economic development,
  • to increase the share of innovative products of the Polish economy in the international market,
  • to create more permanent and better workplaces,
  • to increase the use of information and communication technologies in the economy.

The Programme Innovative Economy consists of 9 priority axes which are divided into detailed measures. Support may be granted under those individual Measures. Every priority axis is focused on support of particular types of projects and therefore implements particular specific objectives of the Programme.

Innovative Economy Programme priorities:

  • Priority Axis 1 – Research and development of new technologies
  • Priority Axis 2 – R&D infrastructure
  • Priority Axis 3 – Capital for innovation
  • Priority Axis 4 – Investments in innovative undertakings
  • Priority Axis 5 – Diffusion of innovation
  • Priority Axis 6 – The Polish economy on the international market
  • Priority Axis 7 – Information Society – development of electronic administration 
  • Priority Axis 8 – Information Society – increasing innovation in the economy 
  • Priority Axis 9 – Technical assistance

Information Processing Institute (OPI) is responsible for implementing the 1st axis ‘Research and development of modern technologies’. The objective of this priority axis is to increase the role of the science sector in the economy through R&D activity in the directions recognised as priorities for the social and economic development of the country.

Under Priority Axis 1. the support will be provided for the following measures (implemented by OPI):

  • Research projects using the foresight method (measure 1.1.1)
  • Development projects (measure 1.3.1)
  • Support for the protection of industrial property generated in scientific entities as a result of R&D work (measure 1.3.2)